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FEATURED: Guests on “How to Film Weddings” Podcast

Episode #204 | Making $350,000 Filming Weddings With the Axtells

Charles and Stephanie Axtell were featured on this week’s episode of the “How to Film Weddings” Podcast, discussing how they grossed $350,000 filming weddings in 2021. More from Stephanie, below.

Proud is a word that keeps popping into my head today, for so many different reasons.

First, it is absolutely INSANE TO ME we were asked to be guests on a podcast I listen to weekly. It is such an honor to speak with John and Nick from How To Film Weddings.

To put it in perspective… 1 year ago, we decided to invest in our own education for 2021. We wanted to know “how” we could be better business owners, better filmmakers, give our couples better experiences, videos, etc. How to Film Weddings was one of those resources that we choose to do just that… and now we’re guest speakers!? I have no words. I’ll have to save how incredible this journey has been for another post, but we are both so blessed and humbled and honored, but also so PROUD of each decision we’ve made to get to this point. Take a listen to our Episode Below:



And now, even as I type this, I’m feeling so many different emotions going on at the same time, but as you listen to our episode – I hope you take this away: WE’VE BUILT A BUSINESS THAT GENERATES A REVENUE OF OVER $350,000 — and we were only able to get to this point through our relentless pursuit of quality, and our mission of giving couples nothing less than the best we possibly could give.

We learned this year that true growth happens once you recognize your own, individual capacity. Focus on the most important tasks ***only you can do*** and add the right members to your team to help you grow past your current potential.

***We could not have done it on our own, without partnering with the most amazing team members to work by our side.***

I don’t think I’ve ever been public with our revenue as business owners (and if you can’t tell from this episode, it took a solid 3 minutes of nervous chatting out of me before I finally said it out loud), but I AM SO PROUD of what we’ve built. As a team. As husband and wife. As professionals who care SO MUCH about the quality of the experience our couples are getting…. For whatever reason, I was afraid of how it would be received, but I know how inspiring our story is to others looking to grow their business, and our story is one worth sharing.

We have our eyes set on the next phase of business for later this year, but for now – this is an accomplishment we NEVER dreamt was possible. We started with nothing, and no matter where you’re at in your business, just know you’ve not hit your peak yet. If you seek to always better yourself, you’ll hopefully never know your true peak. This life we have is beyond our wildest dreams. This is our REALITY, our SUCCESS after hundreds of hours of HARD WORK, and is truly a humbling moment for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being part of this journey, and I can’t wait to see where this year takes us.

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