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Honey, it's time to show the world the Goddess that you are.

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself, love your self, and celebrate all that you are.”

— zoe kravitz


Let's talk about the power of a boudoir session. I (Stephanie) absolutely love changing how my client’s see themselves in the best way. I photograph women from all walks of life, and consistently find that You don’t need an excuse to do boudoir. You don't need anyone to do boudoir for. Doing it for yourself is the greatest compliment and these photos are to have and to hold forever. 

The truth: Every woman is beautiful. Head to toe. And boudoir sessions are one of my favorite to shoot because I can see the moment my clients find their confidence and feel beautiful, classy, and sexy. That's the secret behind our photos, guiding and coaching you to that moment, and that's what I'm here to capture.

If you are day-dreaming of "one day," TODAY IS that day." Later" becomes "never" and then you'll be feeling regrets like "damn, I should have already done that." I promise after a session with me, you'll walk a little taller, a little prouder, and maybe even be ready to hit the runway.


Hit me up! You need to make the first move. Whether you're wanting a solo session or a couples boudoir session, we can't start until I know who you are. Once you do, I’ll send over all the details you’re dying to know and I make it super easy to schedule your photoshoot time and date. I'll send you some other goods too to help a sister out so you’re not feeling lost.


You'll arrive at my home where our studio is, and I want you to be jazzed for what's about to come. A hair & makeup artist will turn you into a super model, while you dive into a few mimosas and finger foods. Then we'll begin shooting, guiding you through outfits, listening to your fave tunes while getting all the direction. The whole day is dedicated to you so there's no feeling rushed!


Once your sesh is wrapped, we'll get started on the photos and edits. All images will have a color and black and white copy (because, you know - b&w is super sexy), and most sessions give about 200 moments. It's about 3 weeks to finish all the photos, then YOU choose the images to go into a keepsake book, wall art, and much more. We design everything so you can kick back and relax and just admire how drop-dead-stunning you really are.


are in 

“Whatever is telling you DON'T, shut her up and call Stephanie”

Like no excuse is not worth having a session with Stephanie. She made it a DREAM, and I've never seen myself so beautiful - like, dang I am a sexy mama hahahaha. But for real, you will not be disappointed and I'm so happy I did a session.


Even though I did a boudoir sessions for my now husband, I can't believe how amazing the photos turned out of me! It was so much fun, so easy, so relaxing. I'm just really glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone... and so thankful for Stephanie and all her talent!

“I couldn't believe how amazing the photos turned out”



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