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"A camera points both ways - the subject in front is captured by the heart of the artist behind it."

our love story

I always knew I wanted to be creative for a living. I never dreamed that by being creative, it would allow me to live my fullest life --- and meet the love of my life. Our own love story began when I was waiting to check my bags at the Delta terminal when I was flying home for Christmas (in an airport, yup.) I saw this cute guy standing in front of me, and somehow mustered up the courage to give him my phone number. The rest is a tale as old as time - boy falls in love, girl falls in love, boy proposes, girl says yes...

But the wedding portion of our story had a twist: turns out, planning your wedding in one month has its challenges. When it came to our wedding photographer - we just didn't get the experience we were expecting. Though I can dish on the details, the two takeaways from our wedding day were I.) we barely got 200 photos from our wedding day and we had moments missing. II.) of all the photos we got back of the two of us, there's only one photo we've ever printed out and framed in our home. One. 

But that made me think... with my background in film and photography (I went to college for film and production design) why couldn't I capture weddings? If anything it became my mission to ensure no other couple experienced what we did for our wedding day, and it was my goal to give them the moments and memories they could cherish, show-off, and admire for years to come. 

As a couple - couples are our jam. We work with other dynamic duos to showoff how extraordinary your relationship truly is.

In 2016 we photographed our first wedding, and since then we've filmed & photographed over 200 weddings in 13 different states, with 2021 & 2022 scheduled to be our biggest seasons ever. And when we say "we get it" we couldn't mean it more - after having a not-so-great experience with photography on our wedding day, we've dedicated our craft to ensuring the photography & videography for your wedding is of the utmost quality, and is one of the easiest & most enjoyable aspects to your wedding day. We strive for excellence to ensure your memories will withstand lifetimes.

for the romantics

What Charles loves about Stephanie

She cares about everything she puts effort into, and also cares for the things that aren't hers to care for. She has so much empathy for everyone around her and she celebrates every emotion with them. People who meet Stephanie fall in love with her within 5 minutes of being around her. But what I love most is that she is unafraid to be 100% authentically herself. She's beautiful, driven, ambitious, resilient, and one hell of a puppy mom. She's the only half to my whole, and I love everything in our lives together.  

What Stephanie loves about Charles

I've always loved how much he makes me laugh, dozens of times daily. I love how much he adores the pups, and how he always puts us first (even when he shouldn't). He's a loyal friend and a heck of a shoulder to cry on, but I think most of all I can talk to him about anything - we're so much alike that oftentimes we have the same thoughts just as I was about to bring it up. We both love video games, great food, great cocktails, a good hockey game, or an escape in the mountains. For business and in life, I couldn't ask for a better partner. 

can't live without - the pups
guilty pleasure - reading

can't live without - the pups
guilty pleasure - survivor

our values


Continuous improvement and attention to details allow us to deliver unparalleled quality for each and every couple. We are dedicated to capturing the unspoken and beautiful dynamic that you share in your relationship.

a few more things you should know: 

No 1

Yes, we love (and want) to travel.

Whether you're stateside or abroad, we have easy destination options available for wedding photography & videography.

no 2

We book an average of 18 months out.

Our 2022 books are closed, and we are booking 2023 & 2024. If you love what we do, reach out soon to make sure you get on our books.

no 3

Our style is bold and joyful - just like you.

We're not quite "light and airy," and we're not quite "dark and moody." Instead - our style is a perfect balance of the two. We shape our light so the final product is as breathtaking as it is natural.

 we believe

Your photos do not belong on your phone.

Life is worth living and experiencing. Let us capture your moments in beautiful imagery, so your experiences become fulfilling memories.

It should make you feel something.

It shouldn't just be a pretty picture. The magic happens when smiles are real. Tears are full. And when your love is tangible in each moment.

 we believe

Dogs are one of the best parts of life.

If you're on the fence about including your fur babies or animals in your photo journey - do it. Their unconditional love deserves to be celebrated.

 we believe


What do we need to be great at our job? Two people, madly in love with each other. That's all.

We are proud to offer our services to all who are in love. No matter race or nationality, religious belief, gender or orientation.


Looking for Stephanie Axtell? Well you found her - and so much more. Introducing - The Axtells: Wedding Photography & Films. You have an extraordinary life worth loving. We're here to capture that and so much more, and we're so excited for you to look around our new website!

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